CMDM: California Financial Institution

Client Profile

  • 77 years in business
  • $10B+ in Assets
  • 40 Locations in Southern California


  • Business set aggressive growth strategy to grow from $10B -> $20B by 2020.
  • Ability to easily identify a single customer to cross sell and upsell different bank products
  • Be prepared for New Federal Regulations as business grows (CCAR)

Business Needs

  • Highly Manual Process
  • Disparate Data systems 5+
  • No CRM System in place today
  • MDM is a small part of the overall technology transformation
    • No formal Loan Origination System
    • No CRM
    • Improved Reporting for Regulatory Controls
  • High Internal Turnover since beginning of project.

Solution & Results

  • Implemented a CMDM solution which gave them the following
  • A comprehensive view of customer
  • Enhanced Account Management,
  • Personalized customer management,
  • Operations, risk management, finance and profitability analysis, and regulatory requirements
  • 6 Month Implementation Schedule
  • Total Solution 1.5M