Digital Transformation

Businesses and their customers are generating more data, in more forms, from more sources, than any other time in history. As a result, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) has become vital to a business’s success.

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Business Transformation

Digital transformation can have a dramatic impact on business processes, technology and operations. Paradigm’s Business Transformation practice blends business and technology experience to guide our clients through the changes required.

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MDM: Industrial Coating Company

MDM: Industrial Coating Company Client Profile 150+ years in the coatings industry 4 global technology centers Doing business in 130+ countries 13,000 + employees globally 100,000+ customers, many with multiple facilities 2017 net sales of $4.3...

MDM: High Tech Company

MDM: High Tech Company Client Profile Global technology and networking company $598M+ in revenue Challenge Growth by acquisition which created siloed IT and Business departments. Global operation with global stakeholders. Significant...

CMDM: California Financial Institution

CMDM: California Financial Institution Client Profile 77 years in business $10B+ in Assets 40 Locations in Southern California Challenge Business set aggressive growth strategy to grow from $10B -> $20B by 2020. Ability to easily identify a...

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Perfect Order Index

In partnership with Informatica, written by: Mohit Sahgal, Anshuman Sindhar, and Stephan Zoder Supply Chain costs have steadily increased over time despite concerted efforts by many manufacturing, logistics and transportation companies to hold the line. For many of...

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