Digital Transformation

Businesses and their customers are generating more data, in more forms, from more sources, than any other time in history. As a result, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) has become vital to a business’s success.

Business Transformation

Digital transformation can have a dramatic impact on business processes, technology and operations. Paradigm’s Business Transformation practice blends business and technology experience to guide our clients through the changes required.

What We Do…

For 25 years we’ve been helping businesses transform through our understanding of the digital landscape.

We expand your company’s digital and business transformation journey by combining Paradigm’s expertise with your vision to address strategic growth imperatives and allow your entire team to work smarter!



Why is Robotic Process Automation a Game Changing Technology?

By Tristan Gitman, Senior Director of RPA Business Process Automation at scale introduces a new concept into a company’s asset structure – digital workforce. Some say this is arguably the single most important feature of automation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)...

Employee Spotlight: Sean Flaherty

Honoring Sean Flaherty's Contributions & Growth"Sean has been a tremendous asset to Paradigm. He ideally fits our delivery model where we have the opportunity to leverage his skills and abilities across multiple engagements at the right time to exceed our business...

When IoT is Valuable and When It’s Not

Originally published on Forbes.comBy Craig Rock, President & CEO, Forbes Technology Council MemberFeaturing insight from Mohit Sahgal, VP Analytics Today’s high-tech has exploded across our world, disrupting traditional business models, encouraging innovation at an...

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