Advanced Analytics

Supply Chain 360 for Multinational Consumer Electronics Retailer

  • Consumer electronics and appliance provider with $51B+ in revenue across 1,000 stores and online commerce

Business Need

  • Improve supply chain business decisioning
  • Consolidate, standardize, and modernize supply chain reports and visualizations
  • Near real-time data for self-service reporting via integrated dashboards
  • Define KPIs
  • Eliminate data fragmentation


  • Lack visibility to data and metrics within supply chain
  • Complexities with existing technical stack
  • High volume of spreadsheets and dashboards difficult to manage (Excel Olympics)
  • Inaccurate insights within the data
  • Significant investment made to automate supply chain with little to no access to the data

Solution & Results

  • Automated and delivered 9 key executive dashboards, allowing deeper root-cause analysis
  • Solidified KPIs and improved executive visibility to insights
  • Reduced technical complexity, increasing user access to data via embeddable reports and ease of answering historical questions
  • Greatly diminished data fragmentation and redundancy issues; increased stability by 50%
  • 23% productivity improvement through standardized and consolidated metrics
  • Improved data ingestion time by 500%