Data Management

Fuel your business with clean, consistent, and well-governed information so you can:

  • Govern your data to meet your organizational goals
  • Know your customers, suppliers, locations, and products
  • Connect with your customers using a 360-degree view of demographic, psychographic, and transactional information
  • Meet regulatory and compliance goals with quality data
  • Enable business users to be accountable for trusted data and improved decision-making

Harvard Business Review shows organizations with better customer loyalty grow revenues 2.5X faster than their competitors.

Efficient data management is the key to attracting and retaining customers, growing client relationships, building and selling better products and services, and gaining status as a trusted advisor. This can only be accomplished when information is accurate, consistent, and connected across channels, touchpoints, and products.

In addition, governance provides a proactive approach to ensuring the quality and accessibility of data so it can be used to optimize insights and influence key decisions.

Optimize your data management through:

Master Data Management

Accelerate time-to-value by integrating data for a single, trusted 360° view of business-critical information across customer, supplier, finance, product, compliance, and location.

Data Quality Management

Manage and maintain (profile, cleanse, standardize, and enrich) data quality across business applications.

Data Governance

Make reliable, high-quality data available and accessible using Data Catalog and Business Glossary.

Data Steward Concierge

Ensure organizational data is accessible, usable, safe, and trusted; follow established data governance policies.

Data Governance Center of Excellence (COE)

Innovation center and advisory and managed services to enable best practices in data governance.

The Data Management team has more than two decades’ experience delivering large-scale programs for the Fortune 500. We have a proven track record for implementing complex data governance, data quality management, and master data management solutions.

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Understand and Leverage the Power of Data Management

Maintain Data Integrity

Deliver a golden record of the data that fuels your business.

Increase Data Accuracy

Improve data quality, reporting accuracy, and business decisioning.

Market Effectively

Elevate marketing programs and deliver a superior customer experience.

Secure Data

Enable data privacy and ensure compliance with industry standards and government regulations.

Success Stories

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Management

Customer Visibility for Transportation & Supply Chain Leader

Business Need

Single source of critical carrier and shipper data Simplify data sources, structure, and hierarches of shippers and carriers Readily available…


New TMS system build requires real-time customer data ingestion Time constraints – TMS and CRM program deliverables heavily affected by…

Solution & Results

Enabled a single source of truth for carrier and shipper data, easily integrated with TMS and CRM Easily expandable foundation…

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Management

Ecommerce Master for Global 500 Construction Manufacturer

Business Need

Improve aftermarket part sales through ecommerce channel via single source of reliable, enriched, and cleansed data Augment parts information with…


Ecommerce sales below industry standards Massive data volume for a single division – ~875K parts each containing ~150 attributes and…

Solution & Results

10% year-over-year ecommerce part sales growth for chosen parts category 25% reduction in ecommerce part returns 67% reduction in elapsed…

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Management

Data Governance for Fortune 100 Global High Tech Manufacturer

Business Need

Enterprise data governance process automation and orchestration Institute data management policies and procedures, including data access, data definition, metadata management,…


First enterprise data governance/data management across 4 disparate strategic business units (SBU’s) Faulty data governance product implementation No integration of…

Solution & Results

Assessed and redesigned data governance product metamodel to better match organization operating model Developed Data Governance “Playbook” and “Runbook”, increasing…


Data Management

Contact Master for Major Financial Institution

Business Need

Golden master contact record across business units Overall maintainability Cost-effectiveness Ability to easily apply business rules Re-use of current connectors…


~40+ source systems housing 10M+ contact records Challenging to match contacts across multiple sources Other locally-built data systems; would like…

Solution & Results

Delivered Informatica Contact Master across all 40+ systems Installed and deployed Informatica MDM in lab and pre-prod environments Potential $7.8M…


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