Cloud Migration Strategy

By adopting a cloud-first strategy and migrating data assets and applications from legacy to cloud-based platforms, you can:

  • Enable users to access the data and apps they need anytime and anywhere
  • Minimize IT infrastructure and internal operating costs
  • Improve performance and high flexibility by building applications
  • Increase the efficacy and efficiency of data security and speed up data recovery

Gartner reports more than 85% of organizations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025 and require cloud-native technologies to fully execute their digital strategies.

Businesses that expand their cloud footprint across their entire organization see a more significant increase in value and a better return on their cloud investment.

Our team will help you create a cloud migration strategy and blueprint to facilitate your move from traditional data warehouses to new, multi-cloud-based data platforms while ensuring you experience minimal downtime. We’ll also configure your public, private and hybrid clouds to maximize flexibility and scalability and remove performance constraints.

Optimize your cloud journey through:

Data Estate Modernization

Migrate hybrid applications from legacy systems to cloud-based environments efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively.

Cloud Migration Service

Configure new, cloud-based systems and migrate data and applications stored in on-site data platforms.

Multi-Cloud XOps | DevOps, DataOps, Containers

Enable real-time application deployment, CI/CD pipelines, and Data Operations to enable agility and scalability in software development processes.

Exchange & Marketplace
Integrate your data with third-party vendors and custom-built applications to meet your toughest business challenges.

Cloud Center of Excellence (COE)

Innovation center and advisory and managed services to enable best practices in cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid deployments.

The Cloud team has 10+ years of large-scale cloud strategy delivery experience and a proven track record implementing complex cloud migration strategy solutions and can facilitate your move from traditional data warehouses to new multi-cloud-based data platforms.

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Understand and Leverage the Power of the Cloud

Reduce Costs

Reduce capital and operating expenses by moving to a secure cloud environment.

Increase Scalability

Increase agility and ensure continuity for on-prem data platforms and applications.

Level-up Security

Improve data security and ensure quick data recovery in the event of a disaster.

Improve Reliability

Improve business continuity by enabling best practices in cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid deployments.

Success Stories

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics


Microsoft Power Platform for Global Market Leader in Material Handling Systems

Business Need

Operationalize, standardize, and modernize Microsoft Power Platform Compliance, governance, and data security Best practices and user training (train-the-trainer) for modernization…


Costly spend to maintain legacy apps Disparate code delivery Lack collaboration between low-code and pro-code makers Lengthy time to develop…

Solution & Results

Future-proof environment for existing app ease of use and ease of delivering new apps 35% clean-up of app environment Retired…

High Tech


Google Cloud Migration for Leading Cloud Computing Services Provider

Business Need

Migrate Finance data mart from legacy data store to Google cloud Standardize, increase operational efficiencies, and realize cost benefits Maintain…


400 SQL stored procedures Complicated execution team structure, client internal team, and multiple 3rd party vendors Manual integration methods Time…

Solution & Results

Optimized infrastructure investments via automation and acceleration of legacy analytics platform migration to Google cloud Eliminated $350,000 of technical debt…



Experience Design Study for Power/Utility

Business Need

Improve customer experience on digital platforms (website, mobile apps, and digital tools) Improve J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction ranking Establish strong…


High website bounce rates within key user journeys 30% of call center calls around starting/ stopping and moving services Lack…

Solution & Results

Projected decrease in website load time ranging from 470ms – 11.7s Enhance performance and usability – mobile communication improvement and…

High Tech


API for Revenue Recognition on AWS at World’s Largest Domain Name Registrar

Business Need

Global model for finance to onboard new ecommerce systems and support future M&A Compliance – mitigate risk of revenue recognition…


30+ ecommerce platforms require integration into the revenue recognition engine; and a solution for future acquisitions Multiple legacy revenue recognition…

Solution & Results

Architected, designed, and implemented an API integration solution allowing revenue recognition process to be flexible, secure, and scalable to meet…


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