Experience Design Study for Power/Utility

  • Operator and co-owner of the largest nuclear plant and generator of carbon-free electricity in the US
  • 130+ years in business

Business Need

  • Improve customer experience on digital platforms (website, mobile apps, and digital tools)
  • Improve J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction ranking
  • Establish strong Experience Design practices
  • Address critical customer experience pain points
  • Prioritized and Agile Usability Improvement Program


  • High website bounce rates within key user journeys
  • 30% of call center calls around starting/ stopping and moving services
  • Lack of tools to track user activity
  • No holistic framework to focus on User Experience-driven performance metrics
  • Limited insight into user behavior to enhance experience

Solution & Results

  • Projected decrease in website load time ranging from 470ms – 11.7s
  • Enhance performance and usability – mobile communication improvement and web chat integration
  • Leverage user behavior for insights – implement JavaScript-based user activity tracking
  • Improve task completion throughout site navigation – streamline images, UI element redesign to drive call-to-action results, and JavaScript-based modeling tool
  • Reduce visual and interactive friction to renew online trust – visual completion cues, customer testimonials, simplified content, and improved flow