PMO Transformation

The PMO Transformation team has 500+ combined years’ experience managing large-scale PMO consulting projects and has a proven track record for implementing real-world, practical solutions. Our custom frameworks drive additional innovation to our engagements and support our team beyond their strong program skills including communications, risk, issue, financial, and quality management.

“Only the top 1% of organizations accurately quantify and validate the business value of their IT projects and successfully harvest the benefits.”

Project management offices (PMOs) face a slew of challenges from resource bottlenecks to accurately measuring and harvesting project benefits. Without the right people, projects are delayed and teams struggle to complete objectives. Too many #1 priorities creates loss of focus and timeline delays. Poor clarity in project management responsibilities leads to organizational friction. And relying on the wrong metrics means you can’t make the right process or people improvements.

Paradigm helps match your PMO workload to your resource capacity, reducing workload and justifying resource utilization. Our prioritization model enables organizations to find the best process to work on the right projects at the right time. Operating models explore and define options for the roles that make the most sense for your organization. And selecting the most appropriate metrics lets you better status and measure your projects and the performance of your team.

Integrating AI Into Your PMO

With the advent of AI technologies, powerful tools are available to PMOs, allowing for streamlined processes, mitigated risks, automated portfolio management, and enhanced project success rates. Paradigm is ahead of the curve, embracing, leveraging, and applying AI to our digital solutions and project management capabilities. With Paradigm, your PMO will stop wasting valuable hours and instead be laser-focused on delivery and value.

Optimize your PMO through:

PMO Consulting

Set up procedures and provide reference materials that project teams and managers can use to define actionable insights and avoid disruptions and obstacles.

PMO as a Service

Increase project delivery confidence with experienced teams and proven methodologies while maintaining a low internal headcount.

PMO Transformation

Adopt a modernized process including strategic roadmaps and agile project delivery with a focus on goals and objectives.

Strategic Resourcing

Augment your team with multi-industry expertise and flexible staffing with no co-employment term limits.

Operating effectively and implementing new products and services enables you to:

  • Complete more projects on time
  • Increase resource optimization
  • Accelerate the speed of project delivery
  • Evolve from program management to product management
  • Optimize your PMO

Understand and Leverage the Power of People

Transform Service Delivery

Enhance and mature project and program management delivery, governance and controls, and project financials/ROI.

Streamline Project Management

Transform strategic roadmaps, product management, and value realization.

Increase Delivery Confidence

Expedite product development by outsourcing PMO.

Accelerate Hiring

Create a flexible staffing plan that enables multi-industry expertise and scales according to your needs.

Insights from Paradigm’s Director of Digital PMO

Unleashing the Power of AI in Project Management


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