Data Engineering

By modernizing data pipelines that will transform and transport data at scale, you can:

  • Increase organizational agility
  • Simplify data acquisition, storage, and retention of big data in the cloud
  • Enhance data access and delivery with API management and governance
  • Improve automation, collaboration, quality, and speed of development and deployment

IBM shows automating data engineering tasks and augmenting data integration can offer up to a 60X acceleration in data delivery time.

Today, your data is probably stored on-premise and in the cloud. To convert data to meaningful information, you need modern data pipelines at scale that can handle massive amounts of data. In fact, 85% of IT leaders report integration challenges are hindering their digital transformation efforts.

Regardless of how it is stored or its location, approved internal and external users need access so your business can operate efficiently. Data users who understand, standardize, and validate big data’s velocity, volume, value, variety, and integrity can transform it into meaningful information, enabling them to be more customer-centric.

Optimize your data engineering through:

Streaming & Batch Integration

Consolidate data company-wide and enable data analysis for business insights.

Data Hub/Data Mesh

Move data seamlessly between on-site and cloud storage using data-domain-based models.

Hybrid Integration

Integrate data and applications across all on-site and multi-cloud environments.

API Management

Build, deploy, and measure an API-first ecosystem using a single unified service’s microservice-based data and application APIs.

Engineering Center of Excellence (COE)

Innovation center and advisory and managed services to enable best practices in data engineering.

The Data Engineering team has 15+ years of large-scale project delivery experience dating back to the traditional ETL and modern data engineering and integration solutions, including archetypes such as data fabric, data mesh, and data lakehouse. We have a proven track record for implementing solutions that modernize your data pipeline so you can deliver ready-to-use, clean and complete data that stakeholders can trust.

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Understand and Leverage the Power of Data Engineering

Optimize Data

Increase organizational agility by consolidating data from multiple sources.

Enhance Data Performance

Deliver clean and complete data that you can use to generate actionable insights.

Improve Data Agility

Increase speed of insights by moving data seamlessly between cloud and on-prem applications.

Level-up Data Acquisition

Simplify data acquisition by integrating data and applications across on-prem and multi-cloud environments.

Success Stories

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Engineering

API Management for Global 500 Construction Manufacturer

Business Need

Effective and reusable data sharing between internal business teams and ecosystem constituents (ex: dealers) Easily adoptable and maintainable framework for…


Inefficient sharing of critical customer, dealer, parts, and order data between teams and applications Lack of standards in information sharing…

Solution & Results

Standardized data integration across business and IT groups, 78% reduction in cycle time (weeks to days) Rationalization and $1.5M+ license…

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Engineering

Cloud Migration of Integration/API COE for Global Leader in Home & Security Solutions

Business Need

Improve agility by moving from on-premise to the cloud Improve performance and productivity Modernize architecture, enabling movement of large quantities…


450+ mappings and related workflows Aggressive timeline to meet budgetary constraints Automatic IICS tool converted 40% of the migration, requiring…

Solution & Results

Decommissioned legacy system (PowerCenter) and fully migrated to cloud (IDMC), reducing technical debt Rapid Asset Deployment – brought in 5…

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Engineering

Integration Admin for Global Leader in Home & Security Solutions

Business Need

Informatica skilled team to manage tool administration: configuration, administration, patches, upgrades, and monitoring for the infrastructure Reduce risk by improving…


Tool and system availability key for the movement of data and critical information across the enterprise Lack of internal expertise…

Solution & Results

Provided Informatica administration managed services (MSP) Eliminated ticket backlog Reduced enhancement backlog by 90% Improved business satisfaction by 20% and…


Data Engineering

Data Lake Modernization & Automation for Credit Union

Business Need

Modernized and consolidated data lake to support existing Power BI dashboards Replace current raw data transformation processes Data structured to…


Minimal automation, requiring report manipulation Low confidence in process/data Inability to capture true current cost Process perceived as slow and…

Solution & Results

Modernized and automated data lake, improving performance and reducing cost Improved member/customer view and historical look-back, driving data-driven decision-making across…


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