Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Engineering

API Management for Global 500 Construction Manufacturer

  • Forbes Global 500 manufacturer with 100+ years supporting construction, mining, forest, energy, and manufacturing industries
  • $245.5B in revenue

Business Need

  • Effective and reusable data sharing between internal business teams and ecosystem constituents (ex: dealers)
  • Easily adoptable and maintainable framework for data sharing and integration
  • Eliminate manual processes and improve accuracy/quality
  • IT and business collaboration for more governed processes
  • Business self-sufficiency
  • Cost optimization via platform rationalization


  • Inefficient sharing of critical customer, dealer, parts, and order data between teams and applications
  • Lack of standards in information sharing and integration
  • Time consuming and inaccurate data impacts internal and external collaboration
  • Data unavailability hinders business decisioning

Solution & Results

  • Standardized data integration across business and IT groups, 78% reduction in cycle time (weeks to days)
  • Rationalization and $1.5M+ license cost savings
  • 40 use cases of business value-driven enterprise integration in just 4 months
  • Implemented processes to define, measure, monitor, and manage KPIs
  • 91% reduction in data quality effort
  • Automated ~74% of API policy creation, improving operational performance
  • Futureproof, low/no maintenance solution
  • Data-driven decision-making on the cloud