At Paradigm, we thrive on excellence. This is fueled by high expectations for our people.

With Paradigm, you’ll be part of the team from Day 1. You will join a diverse group of highly skilled specialists who value you and your contributions. We empower and challenge our people to drive the success of our company, seeing them as our most valuable assets. We motivate each other to stay on top of industry knowledge and advancements and seek out new possibilities and solutions.

At Paradigm, we discover and implement creative and innovative business and technology solutions, always delivering high quality products, services, and processes. Our people solve problems for our clients and get the job done right the first time.

Our Goal

To be a value-driven organization.

How We Get There

We are obsessive and passionate about delivering value and exceeding expectations.

What We Focus On

Vision – Understanding the business vision of the customer, division, and project, and our role within it.

Communication – Communicating company, project, and team objectives and successes.

Value – Determining measurable value and impact for the customer.

Innovation – Creating innovative solutions for the customer challenge.

Paradigm is also a supporter of the communities in which we work, participating in services opportunities in our Phoenix and Chicago bases.