High Tech


Google Cloud Migration for Leading Cloud Computing Services Provider

  • 20+ years’ managed service experience serving customers in 120+ countries
  • $3B+ in revenue

Business Need

  • Migrate Finance data mart from legacy data store to Google cloud
  • Standardize, increase operational efficiencies, and realize cost benefits
  • Maintain balance between duplicate elimination and critical historical data retention
  • Minimize user experience impacts
  • Reference documents for easy adoption and change management


  • 400 SQL stored procedures
  • Complicated execution team structure, client internal team, and multiple 3rd party vendors
  • Manual integration methods
  • Time consuming hand coding by multiple resources
  • Challenges performing timely and comprehensive QA
  • Constraints on implementation timeline

Solution & Results

  • Optimized infrastructure investments via automation and acceleration of legacy analytics platform migration to Google cloud
  • Eliminated $350,000 of technical debt
  • Condensed execution timeline using Paradigm’s cloud/Finance 360 automation accelerators
    • 40% faster code conversion
    • 30% faster overall execution vs other consultancies
  • Implemented quality code standards and notations; enabled authoring history
  • Increased confidence in code stability
  • Provided complete coverage (analysis, conversion, QA, and documentation) without rework, compared to other vendors involve