Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Management

Operational Data Management (MDM SaaS) for Major Food Processor & Supplier

Largest cocoa processor and ingredient supplier in North America

Business Need

  • Reliable customer, vendor, and material data
  • Simplified and de-risked data migration from legacy applications in ERP (SAP) transformation
  • Consolidated and accurate data availability
  • Timely reporting for business decisions
  • Improved customer service and SLA delivery to customers
  • Streamlined procurement and vendor management


  • Legacy systems and inconsistent data
  • Lack of data quality measures and data redundancy
  • ERP transformation requires clean and timely data to avoid significant time and cost overrun
  • Technology and tool deficiencies limiting data consolidation and publishing
  • Limited internal bandwidth to execute data transformation initiatives

Solution & Results

  • Enabled a cloud-based data management solution (Informatica MDM SaaS), modernizing technology and functionality
  • Enabled reliable and real-time data for business decisioning
  • $4M overall savings – ROI realized year one
  • Realized incremental data efficiencies within just 6 months
  • 25-30% cost savings in operational data management for SAP
  • De-risked data migration for SAP transformation
  • Futureproof solution – governed, modernized, ease of management