Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Management

Customer Visibility for Transportation & Supply Chain Leader

  • Fortune 100 leading provider of technology-enabled transportation
  • $3.45B in revenue

Business Need

  • Single source of critical carrier and shipper data
  • Simplify data sources, structure, and hierarches of shippers and carriers
  • Readily available customer data for price effectiveness, order management, and fulfillment
  • Integration of data between transportation management software (TMS), financials, and CRM


  • New TMS system build requires real-time customer data ingestion
  • Time constraints – TMS and CRM program deliverables heavily affected by customer data
  • Pricing inefficiencies negatively impact margins (3-5%)
  • Order management and fulfillment gaps due to lack of clean, real-time data
  • Customer management gaps due to lack of visibility at customer and account levels

Solution & Results

  • Enabled a single source of truth for carrier and shipper data, easily integrated with TMS and CRM
    • Easily expandable foundation to master carrier data without major changes
  • Improved billing efficiency and reconciliation, saving up to $8M in annual billing loss
  • Improved order management efficiency by 15% via clear segmentation and customer management
  • Enabled complete visibility of customer hierarchy and business units/locations for additional revenue streams