Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Management

Ecommerce Master for Global 500 Construction Manufacturer

  • 100+ years providing equipment, technologies, and services for construction, mining, forestry, energy, and manufacturing industries
  • 140+ countries
  • 60,000+ employees

Business Need

  • Improve aftermarket part sales through ecommerce channel via single source of reliable, enriched, and cleansed data
  • Augment parts information with digital assets and physical specifications
  • Parts data platform for all divisions and geographies – easily expandable and reusable
  • Cloud-enabled platform
  • Business friendly user interface


  • Ecommerce sales below industry standards
  • Massive data volume for a single division – ~875K parts each containing ~150 attributes and ~30,000 images
  • Inaccurate parts data
  • Manual, time-consuming method of publishing into ecommerce system
  • Disjointed system landscape (enterprise data warehouse, digital asset management, etc.)
  • Disparate and siloed data across the organization lacking a consolidated view

Solution & Results

  • 10% year-over-year ecommerce part sales growth for chosen parts category
  • 25% reduction in ecommerce part returns
  • 67% reduction in elapsed time (<24 hours from 3+ days) from parts master to ecommerce app
  • Improved receiving and quality control
  • Instituted best practices for easy expansion across business divisions and geographies
  • On-time and on-budget execution