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Advanced Analytics

Finance Analytics for Global Leader in Home & Security Solutions

  • #1 global distributor of security products with 130+ years in business
  • $5.8B in net revenue

Business Need

  • Clean automation, increased efficiency and reliability of monthly profitability reporting processes
  • Accurate functional data sets to improve analysis and confidence
  • Automate and reduce manual intervention
  • Reduce financial exposure
  • Break down complex legacy workflows to develop a modern solution for monthly profitability reporting


  • Little to no visibility to profitability data
  • Manual processes and overrides to legacy data streams
  • Disparate data sources
  • Lack of standardized KPIs and definitions

Solution & Results

  • Streamlined and improved user experience by delivering a dashboard, data insights, and visual analytics for Profitability Reporting
  • Enhanced standardization and established best practice framework
  • 30%+ productivity improvement, reducing hours required for finance users to access and report on the actuals from the data
  • Delivered (2) functional data sets to report out actual KPI profitability data
  • Enabled foundation to support expansion of automated data visibility across other business units