Product & Project Management

Application Performance Management for Nation’s Largest Public Power Supplier

  • Delivers energy to 10M people across seven southeastern states
  • 90+ years in service

Business Need

  • Modernized application performance management (APM) tool with cloud, AI, and machine learning functionalities
  • Focus on monitoring security, application, and business performance
  • Seamless APM integration across entire IT landscape
  • Enhanced scalability and cost efficiency
  • FedRAMP compliance – legal counsel approval for tool compliance and security


  • Endeavoring 2-5 years to identify and deploy a successful APM tool
  • Lack framework or governing principles to establish APM
  • Legacy tool used at bare minimum – poor organizational understanding of how/why to use APM
  • Not able to monitor performance at the user or application level
  • Ineffective identification and diagnosis of performance issues

Solution & Results

  • Led and managed an APM tool evaluation, RFP, and selection
  • Established an internal APM grading system by benchmarking top tools and curating SOW/RFP evaluations
    • Strong focus on predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities (bots and AI for modernized functionality)
  • Enhanced analytics and reporting by boosting visibility to KPIs, metrics, SLAs, and support, enabling proactive business decisioning
  • Saved up to $700K in evaluation costs vs. other vendors and improved evaluation efficiency
  • Accelerated time to decision and deployment by 4-6 weeks
  • Enabled expedited APM tool alignment with cross-collaborative business and IT needs
  • Increased security monitoring, application, and business performance