Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Management

Data Governance for Fortune 100 Global High Tech Manufacturer

  • 100+ years of innovation with 35K patents, serving 70+ countries
  • $35B in sales

Business Need

  • Enterprise data governance process automation and orchestration
  • Institute data management policies and procedures, including data access, data definition, metadata management, master data management, change management, policy management, and process management
  • Define requisite business, data, governance, and technical assets
  • Establish effective communications, knowledge management, and training to all stakeholders to adopt the new data governance platform
  • Integrate the new data governance platform with Informatica


  • First enterprise data governance/data management across 4 disparate strategic business units (SBU’s)
  • Faulty data governance product implementation
  • No integration of data governance product with Informatica
  • No single source of “truth”

Solution & Results

  • Assessed and redesigned data governance product metamodel to better match organization operating model
  • Developed Data Governance “Playbook” and “Runbook”, increasing productivity by 13%
  • Conducted end-user training and knowledge transfer for data stewards both onshore and offshore
  • Customized 8 of Paradigm Technology’s Core Data Governance accelerators, reducing project time by 2 months
  • Implemented 6 data governance processes as workflows in the data governance product
  • Created a connector between Collibra and Informatica CDQ to enable reporting