Managing company health and profitability drivers doesn’t come easy when financial reporting isn’t in peak condition. Due to time consuming, manual back-end processes, financial leaders struggle to quickly and easily identify the information needed to effectively manage the business.

It’s imperative that financial leaders have the insights necessary to improve strategic operations and eliminate business uncertainty.

Digitizing the financial office entails establishing the right information and analytic disciplines to address challenges like excessive, expensive, and manual processes or lack of actionable insights for business growth. With so much content in isolated forms, many organizations don’t have the ability to bring it together.

Our team understands what tools and capabilities financial leaders need to continue to build successful organizations. With investment and input from our very own CFO, Paradigm is poised to deliver a solution we stand behind.

Paradigm leverages a variety of tools and processes to take your disparate data, ensure its accuracy, and automate dashboarding processes that delineate the insights to benefit your operational goals. A 360° view of your financial information can offer:

Analytics Reporting within Finance 360
Reliable Information for Business Decisions
Available Across the Globe
Role-based Secure Access
Real-Time Answer Availability
Reliable, Fast, & Accurate Data

More than ever before, today’s CFO is required to consolidate, analyze, and present financial and non-financial data from multiple systems, locations, and platforms. Doing this efficiently requires back-office technology that homogenizes and provides intelligence-based analysis and dashboarding capability. These tools allow us to quickly move beyond the efforts required to confirm data completeness and accuracy, such that we can spend more time developing a deeper understanding of current business drivers.

Michael Stell

CFO, Paradigm Technology