Data Engineering

Data Lake Modernization & Automation for Credit Union

  • Largest state-chartered federally insured credit union in the state, managing $3B+ in assets

Business Need

  • Modernized and consolidated data lake to support existing Power BI dashboards
  • Replace current raw data transformation processes
  • Data structured to optimize retrieval and create an efficient environment to garner informative and actionable insights
  • Increase productivity, reduce data lake footprint, and reduce cost


  • Minimal automation, requiring report manipulation
  • Low confidence in process/data
  • Inability to capture true current cost
  • Process perceived as slow and costly
  • Feed key reports for decision-making process
  • De-platform legacy systems
  • Lack knowledge of leading technology architecture and processes

Solution & Results

  • Modernized and automated data lake, improving performance and reducing cost
  • Improved member/customer view and historical look-back, driving data-driven decision-making across portfolio of products
  • Increased data confidence
  • $1.3M annual cost reduction of current data lake architecture
  • Reduced data ingestion from hours to minutes, improving productivity by 73%
    • 98% workstream improvement, from 3 minutes to 3 seconds