With the rapid development of new technology, including a continued push towards generative AI and predictive analytics, electric power utilities face unique challenges and opportunities within their project management offices (PMOs). Let’s delve into three critical areas utility PMOs should prioritize when adopting new technology and leveraging automation: project resourcing, cost management, and cybersecurity. We’ll also explore how utility PMOs can position their teams to better support organizational initiatives and strategic vision.

Project Resource Outsourcing

Adapting in-house resources to new technologies can be risky and challenging. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource solution development to companies specialized in the solution or field. Especially with higher complexity scope and emerging technologies. Outsourcing project resources mitigates risk, offers access to a global talent pool, and reduces cost. Dedicated project resources alleviate the utilization constraints of an in-house resource pool. If a project problem arises, shared resources can delay other projects, affecting their critical path delivery.

Learn how outsourcing solution-specific resources reduced overspend risk by 50% for one of our electric utility clients.

Cost Management via Predictive Analytics

Electric utilities face intensive capital expenditures (CapEx), making accurate cost estimations critical. Predictive analytics tools utilize historical project cost data and pattern recognition for more accurate estimations. In addition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) extracts real-time insights from project documentation, enhancing cost management and accuracy. These capabilities are critical for PMOs to achieve more accurate forecasts earlier in initiation and estimation phases of their project portfolio.

AI and Cybersecurity Penetration-Testing for Projects

Utilities operate in a heavily regulated industry (think: strict standards for safety, reliability, and environmental compliance), necessitating stringent cybersecurity measures. The benefits of AI and machine learning are actively explored in the world of cybersecurity. For example, AI-driven penetration testing offers more cost-efficient risk identification, enhancing project delivery. However, leveraging AI for cybersecurity presents dual risks, as hackers may leverage this same learning technology. This presents an interesting dichotomy between security protection and threat.

Multi-Faceted PMOs

As technology advances, utility organizations require multi-faceted PMOs more than ever before. Project and program managers with domain knowledge are essential for effective project leadership. What used to be a one-size fits all approach may no longer be a viable strategy for larger PMOs. PMI Infinity provides PMO with vetted tools to support diverse project needs.

Electric utility PMOs face interesting opportunities and considerations in adopting generative AI and emerging technology. In an environment where adherence to processes and procedures is critical to meeting the energy needs of customers and creating sustainable energy, there is also an increased demand for faster, reliable, and cost-effective project portfolio delivery. By exploring automated tools and technologies, utility PMOs can streamline processes, reduce risks, and more effectively support organizational initiatives.

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Lauren Green, Digital PMO Director