Data & AI Solutions Partner

Microsoft enables you to embrace the future of productivity and limitless innovation. We’re one of the first Solutions Partners for Data & AI, ready to help you embrace a cloud-driven journey, power business decisioning with enhanced analytics and insights, and leverage AI to do more with less.

Our experts will amplify your implementations with the power of AI, harnessing tools like Copilot for accelerated development and enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Business Applications Expert

We possess the expertise to design, customize, and implement tailored solutions that optimize business processes, improve efficiency, and drive growth. Our experts ensure seamless integration of Microsoft technologies with existing systems while providing invaluable insights into best practices and industry trends.

Our ability to translate complex technical capabilities into tangible business outcomes equips our clients with the tools and strategies needed to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our Partnership

A Microsoft partner of 10+ years, Paradigm’s team of certified Azure specialists enable you to blueprint and realize your journey to maximizing value on Microsoft Cloud.

Our array of solutions and services include:

  • Azure Cloud and DevOps
  • Azure Fabric
  • Power Platform
  • Data Analytics with Power BI
  • Copilot Enablement

An ECIF (end customer investment funds) certified partner, Paradigm may be able to offer funding support to eligible organizations for pilot or proof of concept initiatives with Microsoft.

Data and AI Offerings

Paradigm brings future-ready solutions and cutting-edge expertise to the Azure Marketplace focused on enabling your business with:

Business Applications Offerings

Partnership & Value

With our strong focus on business value through industry experience and Microsoft expertise, Paradigm helps organizations build and realize customized cloud, data, and AI-driven solutions that fit your unique requirements.

  • Level-up productivity: Harness automation to accelerate business critical processes and enable impactful solutions, faster.
  • Make data-driven decisions: Empower your team to access and leverage insights for business growth.
  • Increase efficiency and cost savings: Migrate legacy and on-premise applications to the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs and improve scalability.
  • Generate new business value: Enhance your internal and external digital experiences to achieve faster innovation.
  • Move to the cloud quickly: Use SaaS (software-as-a-service) and PaaS (platform-as-a-service) solutions from Microsoft to achieve quick wins in as little as 30 days.

Success Stories

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Advanced Analytics

Analytics Automation for Sales & Service Arm of Global Market Leader in Material Handling Systems

Business Need

Proactive business decisioning Intuitive insights and predictive analytics Automated, real-time reporting for service, parts, rental, and sales data Performance and…


Lengthy month-end data and insights prep for corporate review Lack visibility into many facets of service, parts, rental, and sales…

Solution & Results

Delivered cloud-driven access to aggregated analytics dashboards and real-time insights (Microsoft Power BI) Improved processes for proactive vs reactive leadership…

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics


Microsoft Power Platform for Global Market Leader in Material Handling Systems

Business Need

Operationalize, standardize, and modernize Microsoft Power Platform Compliance, governance, and data security Best practices and user training (train-the-trainer) for modernization…


Costly spend to maintain legacy apps Disparate code delivery Lack collaboration between low-code and pro-code makers Lengthy time to develop…

Solution & Results

Future-proof environment for existing app ease of use and ease of delivering new apps 35% clean-up of app environment Retired…

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Engineering

API Management for Global 500 Construction Manufacturer

Business Need

Effective and reusable data sharing between internal business teams and ecosystem constituents (ex: dealers) Easily adoptable and maintainable framework for…


Inefficient sharing of critical customer, dealer, parts, and order data between teams and applications Lack of standards in information sharing…

Solution & Results

Standardized data integration across business and IT groups, 78% reduction in cycle time (weeks to days) Rationalization and $1.5M+ license…