Digital transformation and multi-cloud adoption are driving almost if not all organizations to rethink their application landscapes. In this Q&A session, the Paradigm team explores what application rationalization is, how to avoid the pitfalls, what success looks like, and how to get started.

Insights provided by Phil Zeringue, Paradigm Technology’s portfolio management expert.

Q: You recently wrote a blog called “The Value Black Hole of Application Rationalization” where you described common mistakes and best practices around app rationalization. What does application rationalization really mean?

A: Simply put, it’s an effort to reduce the complexity and cost of your IT portfolio. It often becomes all about the exercise – how you’re doing it and what your final report looks like versus the results that affect the bottom line. But I’ll tell you a secret as a former CFO… it’s not really about the numbers or app inventory, it’s being able to answer the simple question, “Are we as a business getting value for our IT spend?” It’s about getting more bang for your buck with the IT you’re investing in.

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