SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (May, 25, 2022) – Paradigm Technology announced today the expansion of their Revenue Recognition API program, increasing flexibility, security, and scalability for internal ecommerce acquisitions for a local technology company.

Paradigm’s Client supports the growth of small business owners with the assistance and tools required to grow their brands online.

Paradigm Technology partnered with their Client to architect and implement a Revenue Recognition System, focusing on a common Revenue API using AWS serverless architecture to accelerate onboarding of new acquisitions’ Order to Cash processes. Using one standard process for Revenue Recognition minimizes risk and accelerates onboarding of acquisitions.

In the first legs of the program, Paradigm accelerated the design and development of the new platform by leveraging their considerable depth of AWS expertise to ensure the solution met the goal of a robust, secure, and scalable platform to support the Client’s predicted revenue growth.

“The goal of future proofing is at the forefront of our API program,” says Craig Rock, President & CEO of Paradigm Technology. “I’m grateful for this partnership that allows our team to continue supporting their internal acquisition growth.”

About Paradigm Technology
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