SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (October 19, 2021) – Paradigm Technology announced today the expansion of their Finance 360 solution streamlining tax data and providing real-time accessibility and reporting functionality for a large domain registrar.

Paradigm’s Fortune 1000 client supports the growth of small business owners with the assistance and tools required to grow their brands online. Since 1997, they have enabled 20M+ customers register 82M+ domain names.

Having amassed dozens of online storefront acquisitions over the last few years, Paradigm is guiding the registrar’s tax system consolidation by implementing their Finance 360 solution. Without integration, the tax teams face difficulty accessing systems, efficiently reporting out on tax data, and verifying data accuracy. This can incur risk during audits and delays producing accurate tax data on time.

Paradigm’s Finance 360 for tax empowers teams across the domain registrar’s financial hierarchy access to accurate, real-time insights, reducing month-end consolidation efforts.

“This engagement is a great example of our honed customer solutioning – building off of previous partnership and projects to drive expanded delivery value,” says Craig Rock, President & CEO. “We’ve been closely aligned with this client for over five years and are excited to guide their business intelligence expansion.”

About Paradigm Technology
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