SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (July 28, 2021) – Paradigm Technology, a digital transformation professional service organization, and Datumize, an IoT (Internet of Things) data capture software, announced today a partnership unlocking data for mastering and intelligent insight, powering IoT.

The need to capture IoT data is pressing – IBM estimates 90% of all IoT-collected sensor data are never used. As much as 60% of this data begins to lose value within milliseconds of being generated.

The Paradigm-Datumize partnership addresses this need, offering organizations a solution to data capture driven by best-in-class data management guidance and thought leadership. Together, they deliver business value and challenge resolution through a flexible approach and industry-best experts.

Datumize Data Collector (DDC), software at the core of the Paradigm-Datumize partnership, captures data from a variety of sources (machines, IoT, and proprietary systems), enriches data through edge computing, and ingests it into any data lake.

Once DDC captures all the data, Paradigm Technology’s team of industry experts and data scientists can access and master it, ultimately enabling intelligent insights for informed decision-making. Driving tangible business results and organizational impact across Fortune 500 organizations is at the heart of what Paradigm does.

“We have invested years of development into our technology because we firmly believe in making data available to companies,” says Nacho Lafuente, Founder & CEO of Datumize. “Personally, I love offering Datumize to Paradigm Technology because they have both the industry and technology knowledge to yield awesome results out of the data sources we tap into.”

“When our clients want to enable IoT, it often means looking across a broad spectrum of sources, devices, etcetera,” says Chris Gately, Chief Revenue Officer at Paradigm Technology. “Partnering with Datumize gives our team a lightweight, real-time tool to harvest our clients’ information. Ultimately, it allows us to better leverage it in augmenting and achieving their digital transformation journeys.”

About Paradigm Technology
Paradigm Technology is an award-winning end-to-end professional services organization and leader in digital and business transformation, having worked for 25 years with the Fortune 500. We partner with clients to understand and solve business problems through innovative, value-driven solutions and strategies. Our team leverages years of experience and leading-edge technologies to deliver intelligent insights to answer the hard questions to grow revenues, reduce costs, and avoid risk. We focus on delivering and communicating measurable value and impact above all else – that’s the Power of Paradigm.

About Datumize
Datumize is a software vendor in the data integration space specialized in unlocking data for digital transformation. Established in Barcelona in 2014, Datumize has incepted Datumize Data Collector (DDC), a middleware for capturing data from heterogeneous and sophisticated data sources, doing edge computation, and ingesting into any target destination, while preserving full data privacy. Our enterprise clients operate in a variety of industries, where data is key to ensure competitive advantage and improve operational efficiencies.