As COVID-19 continues to impact our economy and the welfare of Arizona residents, essential businesses remain open to serve the community, yet must also do what they can to keep their employees safe and healthy.

As such, one of Paradigm’s clients in the Phoenix area, a power and utility company, hired Armored Outdoor Gear, a small Flagstaff manufacturer, to produce thousands of protective masks for their employees in the field. Coincidentally, the mask designer and one of the key seamstresses is none other than the daughter of one of Paradigm Technology’s Lead Project Managers, Ellen Velarides!

Lilly Velarides, a sophomore at Northern Arizona University, has experience as a seamstress and works at the Flagstaff outdoor equipment fabrication company. She was asked by the owner and manager to design the masks in order to fulfill the large order.

“This is proud mom bragging – but she has a real talent for pattern making. She can eyeball anything and make it into a pattern,” says Ellen.

After she designed a few prototypes and taught a few other team members how to properly sew the masks, the small team quickly began manufacturing and are now able to produce about 1,000 masks per week.

Just as Ellen is a proud mom, Paradigm is gratified to be a part of a community that comes together during uncertain times such as these. We’re thankful to the businesses that continue to operate in order to serve the community as well as businesses and individuals who commit their time, services, and supplies to allow a safe environment in which essential businesses can function.