Patty Suiter

By Patty Suiter, Lead Project Manager


When it comes to IT, it seems like things are moving a million miles a minute. Keeping up with these changes means constantly staying on your toes and gleaning new information. But just why should you remain in-the-know and seek career development?

Career development is an integral facet of your work and overall life! Regardless of experience level or industry nascency, personal growth is always beneficial – you never know where the road will take you next. It’s best to be prepared.

Let’s dive into the “so what?” behind continuing to educate yourself…

  1. Your Value is Your Company’s Value
    Learning new skills and insights is always beneficial – as you grow, so does what you have to offer, whether that be for yourself, your business, or your peers. This makes you marketable and provides growth opportunities. Centers like, Acuity Training in London , understand your need to learn new skills and provide the training necessary to enhance those skills further.
  1. Respect and Setting an Example
    Respect yourself, your employer, and your coworkers by furthering your ability to be a key member of the team. If you’re an established member of a team or industry, there’s no doubt that others look up to you or view you as a mentor – set an example for those around and under you to follow.
  1. Enjoyment
    Have fun! Often times, career development programs or courses are held for groups of people from various organizations and backgrounds. Think of it as an opportunity to meet new people and try new things.
  1. Keep Your Mind Sharp
    According to Clear Company, eighty-seven percent (87%) of millennials say professional development or career growth opportunities are very important. Being ready to tackle what lies ahead is incredibly important, it may be a new challenge in your role or an unknown opportunity that lies ahead. Perhaps you’re close to retiring – do you plan to volunteer in an industry organization or sit on a company board? Maintaining your education can keep you mentally agile for a myriad of situations.

If you’re not sold on career development as a personal growth factor – try thinking of it as a selfless act – how can something you learn or improve on impact and benefit those around you? Regardless of the angle you choose, there’s no doubt that continuing to grow and develop professionally is of value.