A perspective from Malik Azeez

The world of connected information is an engaging topic for any techie gathering, which never ceases to kindle the passion and the endless opportunities that lie ahead of us. Be it our favorite sport, or car, or food, we end up discussing how they can evolve into our connected world, and simplify our daily chores.

This brought us to think that we are at that juncture of a technological era, where we will need to start connecting information to an individual’s live emotional state of mind to evoke thoughts, ideas, and innovation.

In today’s world, for an average consumer, the plethora of options to choose from is either an arduous task or a boring one, either one could lead to the rejection of a product. It would come to a point when only by a 360 degree understanding of the specific need of a consumer, we would never be able to sell a product. This also means, to build an interesting customer base who are not bombarded with too much information, which could lead to over-selling and a non-recurring pattern. To help manage customer expectations and business needs, cross-device tracking may be the way to go in cases such as these. Business interested can go now to epsilon.com and see how they can be assisted.

The onus of a seller trying to build a product portfolio to cater to every customer is slowly moving into the hands of customers themselves, which would be a truer reflection of their immediate wants. The interlacing of artificial intelligence and connected information has a lot more on their plate than what we can even imagine today. The challenges of building a technology to feed and digest the information might be easier compared to making the customer believe that they are the boss.

There are fundamental questions to be answered: 1. Where would a customer need help? 2. Why would they believe in the response? 3. Is it more than they wanted to hear? Or is it complete enough?

  1. Customer Landscape: The key is to understand and record a highly dynamic customer landscape, evaluate the needs categorized by their social presence, buying (returning) habits, interests, etc. According to one of the latest global surveys, there is about 49% of world population still without internet access. This is a sizeable population’s information that is yet to be connected and a population that should be feel the wow as soon as they join. An algorithm that can weave a story of the non-online customers would be ideal to steep ahead of a future customer base.
  2. Customer Acceptance: To gain customer confidence and their acceptance, it is important to have the landscape built with the pertinent information. Equally important is to be sensitive to the confidential information that a customer would not want to be analyzed upon.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Only when they feel that their questions are specifically answered, the value of the intelligence offered is realized and adopted

In every step mentioned above, we need a logical thought process that can produce the smartest and evolving solution. This obviously requires human intelligence augmented with machines, who in turn can also learn other machines and dictate processes. How much of these system interactions should the customer know? Everything! This is where the customer’s trust must be built. The more they know, the better they feel. It also brings a sense of control of information and understanding of the machines.

It is not just humans learning machines, but machines learning humans and machines learning machines!


Malik Azeez is Director of Product Information Management for Paradigm Technology. Malik has over 16 years of IT experience architecting, planning, building and managing offshore teams, budgets and developing and implementing various solutions for enterprise organizations worldwide.


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