By Mohit “Mo” Sahgal

Previously, I reviewed the pitfalls of guessing, and arbitrarily setting milestones, without any supporting details.  Another major challenge is selecting an inappropriate approach or methodology to perform the required work.  A well-formed, proven methodology is the bedrock of any successful IT program.  Furthermore, the work-breakdown structure (WBS) and work effort sizing should be based on a few critical deliverables.  That is, all tasks in the methodology must accurately reflect the work required.  Also, the WBS must be sufficient to produce all of the necessary deliverables.  Tasks for which even one required deliverable cannot be defined is wasted effort.  A proven framework in which the WBS can be organized is an excellent starting point to define both the work and deliverables.  Organizations without such a framework may face additional challenges including increased costs and execution risks.

A common misconception today, is that agile methodologies do not require any planning or estimating.  Worse, that somehow a backlog of disjoint “user stories” will lead to improved customer satisfaction.   As a certified scrum master, this was never the intent of agile, and as all good program managers know, “proper planning prevents poor performance.”


About the Author:

Mr. Mohit “Mo” Sahgal is the VP of Analytics of Paradigm Technology. He is an accomplished Senior Executive with decades of management consulting expertise. Mo has held various leadership positions including Senior Executive at Accenture, Partner at IBM, Partner at Capco, and Executive Director at Ernst & Young LLP.

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