A perspective from Mohit Sahgal.

There are so many references and interpretations on GDPR Articles; yet very few, if any, references to the Recitals. Today, there are 99 active GDPR Articles, but there are 170+ GDPR Recitals. In general, there are several Recitals per Article. The Recitals provide significant guidance on clarifying the implementation of a specific Article. Naturally, the guidance still requires interpretation, but additional information is useful. If you’re looking for basic information on GDPR such as who and what it affects, look into this informational gdpr page, as just one example on a resource you could use.


Chapter II Principles, Article 7 – “Conditions for consent” is a good example. In addition to the Article 7 requirements, there are four – Recitals 32, 33, 42, and 43 which must be reviewed. Recital 32 clarifies the conditions under which consent is required. Recital 33 clarifies consent for “scientific research purposes”. Recital 42 clarifies consent specifically for a controller. And, Recital 43 is a reminder that consent is not the sole basis for the lawfulness of data processing, and that consent is required for each type of data processing. Lastly, lest we forget, Article 83 5 (a) reminds us of the fines that may be incurred if consent is inappropriately addressed.


Four key takeaways:

  1. Err on the conservative side – request consent for every type of data processing
  2. Document the consent, and all subsequent changes to the consent that an EU subject may make over time
  3. Ensure the data processing is lawful or required by law, regardless of whether consent was given
  4. Enable an EU subject to review their consent(s) and withdraw their consent(s) as and when they may invoke their right


Designing a “consent master”, self-service capability is essential. Facebook, for example, has introduced a “privacy center”, reorganizing and centralizing various types of security settings in one place. Designed correctly, a centralized, integrated, self-service approach reduces risk, and potential exposure to inquiries, audits and fines.


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