At Paradigm, we pride ourselves on the high caliber of Project Management Professionals we employ. We take the time to assess each Project Manager based on a set of skills and specific characteristics under each skill including:

  • Soft Skills
    • Communication
    • Presentation
    • Interpersonal
  • Technical Skills
    • Issue/Risk Management
    • Tools
    • Methodologies
  • Leadership Skills
    • Communication
    • Influence
    • Team Building
    • Decision Making

After assessing each Project Manager on these characteristics and specific skills, we identify any areas for improvement and provide a wealth of training opportunities to enhance those skills through our library of over 22,000 courses, digital books, job aids, videos, and more.

Read more about the specific characteristics we asses our Projects Managers on, and the training we provide them to enhance and grow these skills in our brief linked below.

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