Data Management

Regulatory Reporting for Leading Electric & Gas Company

  • Leader in the clean energy transition, maintaining one of the largest solar fleets in the US
  • $14B+ in revenue

Business Need

  • Understand and analyze causes of gas leaks in a timely manner
  • Quickly track key items related to material, location, line number, and grade
  • Clear view into lineage with multiple sources of leak data
  • Reduce time to map leakage locations to the main line
  • Identify incorrect data values and drive process discipline – free form vs structured
  • Process and tracking of form changes


  • Data silos and manual data remediation
  • Compliance and regulatory risks
  • Lack of understanding on gas leak data quality issues
    • Direct cost of field service
    • Indirect cost of not fixing leaks
  • Technical challenge enabling single source of clean data across various source systems, including enterprise SAP
  • Time lag between leak occurrence and analysis/reporting of cause and closure

Solution & Results

  • Foundational solution to establish gas leak data quality and governance
  • 40% reduction in manual back-office effort for data fixes
  • Improved speed and accuracy of gas leak reporting
  • Reduced regulatory and compliance risk in critical-grade leak reporting
  • $600,000+ data management effort savings in year 1; $1M+ savings annually thereafter