High Tech

Advanced Analytics

Tax Datamart Finance 360 for World’s Largest Domain Registrar

  • Powers world’s largest services platform for entrepreneurs globally, serving 21M+ customers with 84M+ domain names
  • $3.8B in revenue

Business Need

  • Reduce risk of FCC and global audit fines
    • Meet reporting timelines across municipalities (≦24 hours)
  • A single source for all tax data
  • Automated flow of data for compliance reporting
  • Timely fulfillment of audit requirements
  • Self-service functions for tax team to access tax data required for compliance and audits


  • 28 tax platforms, comprised of 52 legal entities in 53 different countries
  • No mechanism for 360° view of enterprise-wide tax numbers
  • Manual entries and calculations across systems
  • Tax team lacks access to all systems – rely on system owners to pull data
  • Multiple audit fines per year due to delayed answer availability
  • Lack line-item level detail from invoices for audits
  • Lack analytics platform for insights

Solution & Results

  • Consolidated a platform for worldwide tax data across 52+ entities to a single, accurate 360° view
  • Days to minutes reduction in self-service insights and analytics functionality
  • 40% productivity improvement via automated processes, entries, and calculations
  • 2X faster onboarding, integration, and data ingestion
  • 75% reduction in month-end reporting efforts
  • 95% reduction in data validation errors
  • ~45% reduction in audit fine exposure + eliminated costly fines ($750K+)