High Tech

Data Management

MDM for Enterprise Networking Solution Company

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in wired/wireless infrastructure serving 10M+ daily end users globally
  • $1B in revenue

Business Need

  • A single view of the customer that crosses multiple global channels/departments
  • Solution to support a global workforce


  • Siloed IT and Business departments via growth by acquisition
  • Global operation with global stakeholders
  • Significant duplication of customer information across multiple systems
  • Disparate business processes for customer creation and maintenance globally
  • Poor data quality with no data standards, even with the same source system
  • No documentation

Solution & Results

  • Established an enterprise cloud-based data management system, optimizing operating costs by 13%
  • Implemented a Master Data Management (MDM) solution, including key customer characteristics and demographics, driving cross- and up-sell by 27%
  • Enabled new processes for customer creation and maintenance, improving quality by 2X
  • Established data governance principles and performance measures, expecting risk reduction of 30%