High Tech

Data Management

Customer Success for Leading Cloud Computing Services Provider

  • 20+ years’ managed service experience serving customers in 120+ countries
  • $3B+ in revenue

Business Need

  • Complete visibility into customer accounts, subsidiaries, and contacts
  • Improve efficiencies of customer success management and sales
  • Automate methods to gather and publish customer data, freeing time and reducing cost
  • Improve organization hierarchy roll-up for financial reporting
  • Affect customer churn and cross-/up-sell


  • Customer data in global, HQ, and SME accounts lacks standardization
  • Multiple sources of inconsistent customer data – SFDC, SAP
  • Lack of data quality standards
  • Excess time required to address business needs of accurate and real-time data
  • Long lead times for consolidated views of customer activity and journey
  • Inefficiencies and excessive issuance of credit memos impact quality of revenue by 4%

Solution & Results

  • Eliminated 6,000-10,000 hours per year in manual data management efforts across different client groups
    • ~$1.5M – $2.5M annual savings
  • 98% increase in customer data quality, improving customer service, marketing, and sales
  • Process discipline – CRM as only data entry point for customer information, delivering single source for customer records