High Tech

Data Engineering

Cloud Integration for Largest Independent Real Estate Brokerage

  • #1 brokerage in the US with 26K agents across 67 markets
  • $6.4B in revenue

Business Need

  • Cloud data warehouse
  • Integrate online and 3rd party vendor applications to capture real-time data and customer feedback
  • Convert legacy (Python) ETL to cloud data integration platform with AWS Redshift


  • Complex Python ETL with no data model or system documentation
  • Online application data on no SQL databases or 3rd party vendor applications
  • 100M online transactions per day
  • Limited in-house knowledge of analytics or execution

Solution & Results

  • Informatica cloud application real-time integration of Qualtrics feedback, Survey System and MongoDB
  • Converted 100+ complex Python ETL interactions with IICS data mapping and replication tasks to AWS Redshift
  • 63% increase in access to data via AWS Redshift
  • Real-time integration, reducing client effort by 2X
  • Drove the opportunity to further optimize the workforce