High Tech


API for Revenue Recognition on AWS at World’s Largest Domain Name Registrar

  • Powers world’s largest services platform for entrepreneurs globally, serving 21M+ customers with 84M+ domain names
  • $3.8B+ in revenue

Business Need

  • Global model for finance to onboard new ecommerce systems and support future M&A
  • Compliance – mitigate risk of revenue recognition across all business lines
  • Trusted and complete GAAP revenue recognition
  • Expert professional services for AWS cloud-driven initiatives to support current technology stack
    • AWS, SaaS platforms, rev rec platform
    • Security, operational and performance features


  • 30+ ecommerce platforms require integration into the revenue recognition engine; and a solution for future acquisitions
  • Multiple legacy revenue recognition systems with capability gaps, duplication, and manual processes
  • Lack of AWS skillset maturity to execute project independently (security, performance, development)
  • Multi-element arrangement

Solution & Results

  • Architected, designed, and implemented an API integration solution allowing revenue recognition process to be flexible, secure, and scalable to meet current needs and scale for future acquisitions
  • Leveraged serverless framework to reduce infrastructure and operations cost by 20%
  • +50% reduction in manual efforts on intercompany reconciliation and journal entries for onboarding of new acquisitions
  • Enabled compliance and SOX reporting
  • Administered support on other AWS services as needed for the solution