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Advanced Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics & Data Quality for Leader in Home & Security Solutions

  • #1 global distributor of security products with 130+ years in business
  • $5.8B in net revenue

Business Need

  • Understand depth of data quality issues across integrated supply chain
    • Complex business processes based on regional and sales team differences across 28 plants in 11 countries result in data issues
    • Identify materials, customers, and plants with largest data quality issues to prioritize cleanup based on immediate ROI
  • Reduce financial exposure from inaccurate customer address data to remediate fines and decreased customer satisfaction
  • Solve export / import issues requiring manual intervention to ship globally


  • Lack of standardized KPIs across regions
  • Manual processes – difficult to track and understand impact
  • Customer addresses and zip codes require manual updates, resulting in carrier fines
  • Incorrect weights and measures drive unknown costs
  • Incorrect sourcing codes, resulting in unquantified costs
  • Procure unnecessary raw materials
  • Unable to ship due to missing commodity codes, resulting in missed revenue opportunities, additional cost to determine, and customer dissatisfaction

Solution & Results

  • Enhanced data quality and standardization
    • Reduced errors by 55%
    • Established best practices framework for enterprise data management
  • Identified potential data accuracy issues with 14% of customers and 20% of materials
  • Created actionable insights with 6 standard KPIs, providing opportunity to drill down and identify areas with largest issues
  • Developed data quality analysis and built actionable, easy-to-use dashboards
    • Ensured real-time alerts and data quality oversight
    • Delivered a savings of $5M via error reduction