Edge computing, mobile web, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and application programming interfaces (API’s) are changing the way businesses engage with customers, partners, and employees to create, deliver, and manage experiences. Established businesses are being challenged every day by innovative start-ups leveraging these technologies. These start-ups threaten to not only disrupt current business models and revenue streams, but drive businesses to extinction.

Paradigm’s Digital Product Engineering practice provides industry-leading expertise in translating your business vision and strategy into an executable digital strategy and operating model that helps your business not only survive but outpace your competition.

Digital Architecture

Businesses are being forced to rethink the way they engage with their customers to market, engage, sell, and retain customers. Customers interact with businesses across web, conversational UI’s, email, contact centers, mobile, and Salesforce channels, expecting all interactions and engagements to be tracked to provide a unified view of their journey and relationship across multiple products and services. Your enterprise IT landscape needs to be re-architected to not only deliver on these expectations but establish a future-proof foundation that will help your business grow and expand.

Paradigm’s Digital Architecture practice provides you with realistic pathways for the transformation of your IT landscape to support your business objectives. We leverage our deep industry experience and combine it with our expertise in human-centered design and ability to curate and identify cloud-native tools and technologies that help you build digital and experiential layers. This enables you to maximize the value of your investments and extend the life of your current legacy platforms.

IT Operating Model

Technical Debt Assessment

Portfolio Rationalization/Optimization


Microservices Architecture Assessment

Experience Design

Emerging technologies like natural language processing (NLP), conversational UI, wearables, and augmented and virtual reality are changing how we think about UI/UX design. As we continue to shift from the material to experiential, it’s become clear that understanding the needs of your users is the key to enabling solutions that are relevant and lead to high engagement and satisfaction.

Establishing Experience Design systems and Design Operations deliver proven ROI. Businesses that focus on experience design see 50% higher conversion rates and an 18% increase in cross and up-sell success.

Paradigm’s Experience Design practice uses human-centered design thinking to transform your customer and user experience. Our custom EDGE framework leverages human factor engineering practices and research-driven approaches to identify opportunities throughout your customer experience journey to increase user engagement, conversion rates, net promoter score, and cross-and up-sell opportunities.


UX/CX Research


UI/UX Design Review

Web Design

Mobile Design

Product Development

Engineering high quality, rich interactive applications that are always on, accessible, and deployed across multiple devices and platforms is the key to winning transformation. Leveraging the latest cloud-native programming languages and frameworks (like Python and ReactJS), enabling more API-driven services, and automating the CI/CD build and deploy processes are critical to future-proofing your investments and meeting enterprise time-to-value objectives.

Paradigm’s Product Development practice builds and manages custom enterprise software: interactive applications, portals, data visualization dashboards, mobile applications, ecommerce sites, collaboration and analytics platforms, and content management systems.

Our custom BROAD framework enables you to establish high performing engineering teams that build and deliver compelling user experiences and enables your organization to make significant improvements to your developer and operations experiences.

Web Application Development

Mobile App Development


Agile/QA Consulting & Full Cycle Testing

Intelligent Automation

Paradigm’s Intelligent Automation practice leverages our industry domain knowledge and AI/ML expertise to drive operational excellence and efficiency.

Adopters of intelligent automation see 75% faster product introduction, a 37% improvement in productivity, and a 30% improvement in customer engagement.

Our custom DIAL framework allows you to start small, scale fast, and deliver tangible business results while transforming your traditional service models.

Robotic Process Automation

Test Automation






API for Rev Rec on AWS at World's Largest Domain Name Registrar

Enabled an API integration solution for revenue recognition process, reducing manual efforts by +50%.

Experience Design Study for Power/Utility

Study to improve UX on digital platforms, address critical UX pain points, and establish strong experience design practices.

Technical Debt for Subsidiary of International Banking Group

Established a TLM maturity model, mitigating obsolescence, inventory issues, redundant and unsupported apps.

RPA COE for Healthcare Insurance Provider

Transformed legacy operation into a robotic factory with an integrated client-partner model, enabling streamlined service experience.


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