Edge computing, mobile web, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and application programming interfaces (API’s) are changing the way businesses engage with customers, partners, and employees to create, deliver, and manage experiences. Established businesses are being challenged every day by innovative start-ups leveraging these technologies. These start-ups threaten to not only disrupt current business models and revenue streams, but drive businesses to extinction.

Paradigm’s Digital Product Engineering practice provides industry-leading expertise in translating your business vision and strategy into an executable digital strategy and operating model that helps your business not only survive but outpace your competition.

Cloud & Data Estate Modernization

Businesses are being forced to rethink the way they engage with their customers to market, engage, sell, and retain customers. Customers interact with businesses across web, conversational UI’s, email, contact centers, mobile, and Salesforce channels, expecting all interactions and engagements to be tracked to provide a unified view of their journey and relationship across multiple products and services. Your enterprise IT landscape needs to be re-architected to not only deliver on these expectations but establish a future-proof foundation that will help your business grow and expand.

Paradigm’s cloud services provide you with realistic pathways for the transformation of your IT landscape to support your business objectives. We leverage our deep industry experience and combine it with our expertise in human-centered design and ability to curate and identify cloud-native tools and technologies that help you build digital and experiential layers. This enables you to maximize the value of your investments and extend the life of your current legacy platforms.

Cloud Migration

Web & Mobile Application Development

Digital Product Experience Platform

Internet of Things (IoT)

NextGen Hybrid Integration

As your organization has grown, it undoubtably amassed quite the technology stack that keeps the organizing running – but this large platform stack may still be limited in functionality if it’s not properly integrating with other enterprise systems.

Integrating your key legacy and back-office enterprise platforms with new emerging digital technologies and platforms can power processes throughout your business that keep data in sync, enhance productivity, and drive revenue.

Next-gen API gateways, microservices strategies, and next-gen integration platforms can deliver multi-latent solutions to connect your entire enterprise across the value chain.

Universal Connectivity

Serverless Framework


Advanced Data Integration

NextGen Integration Factory

Hybrid Cloud



API for Rev Rec on AWS at World's Largest Domain Name Registrar

Enabled an API integration solution for revenue recognition process, reducing manual efforts by +50%.

Google Cloud Migration for Leading Cloud Computing Services Provider

Accelerated automation and migration of Finance data mart to Google Cloud Platform, eliminating $350,000 of technical debt.

Technical Debt for Subsidiary of International Banking Group

Established a TLM maturity model, mitigating obsolescence, inventory issues, redundant and unsupported apps.

RPA COE for Healthcare Insurance Provider

Transformed legacy operation into a robotic factory with an integrated client-partner model, enabling streamlined service experience.


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