SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (July 25, 2023) – Paradigm Technology announced today its strategic partnership with Talend, a modern data management platform for flexible insights across the entire data lifecycle. Together, Paradigm and Talend will optimize data operations, turning data into business outcomes.

Paradigm Technology’s team of industry experts and pioneers cater to the Fortune 500, driving tangible business results and organizational impact – the Power of Paradigm – through enterprise digital transformation and IT consulting solutions.

Talend’s comprehensive suite of data management solutions, including integration, quality, and governance, helps business leaders deliver healthy data across the organization at any scale or complexity. By harnessing Talend’s technology, Paradigm’s clients will see improved data governance, enhanced operational efficiency, and increased agility in responding to market demands.

“This collaboration aligns with our commitment to delivering innovative and reliable technology solutions that drive business success – the Power of Paradigm,” says Jorge Diaz Santana, Paradigm’s Strategic Alliance Manager. “With Talend’s capabilities, we are confident that our clients will overcome their data management challenges and unlock the full potential of their data assets.”

About Paradigm Technology
Paradigm Technology is an award-winning cloud consulting company and leader in cloud, digital, and business transformation, working for 25 years with the Fortune 500. We focus on assisting our clients in meeting their toughest goals: revenue, operations, organization, and risk; delivering and communicating measurable value and impact above all else – that’s the Power of Paradigm. For more information visit