SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., JUNE 27, 2019 – Paradigm Technology announced today that they will be implementing Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog and Axon products to enable Investment Management quants and key decision-makers to maximize the utility of both internal and external data and monetize the value.

Paradigm’s newest Client is a 70-year-old asset management company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a global, highly distributed organization, with a presence in 34 countries and almost 10,000 employees worldwide. Having pioneered innovation and business transformation throughout the industry, the company is one of the most trusted names in asset management.

As a trusted implementation partner, Informatica recommended Paradigm to install and configure both EDC and Axon. EDC will be used to scan the Company’s data lake and categorize third party data from sources such as MSCI, Bloomberg, and Federal Reserve. In addition, Paradigm will enable business users to search and utilize the data for research, including enabling quantitative analysts to create decision-support models to assess the performance of various funds such as Active Equity, Index, and Fixed Income Multi-Sector.

Axon will be used to improve data governance, including ingestion of new data for research and marketing, improving data controls, and exploring data lineage. Critical to the success of implementing any data governance program is Axon’s ability to automate, orchestrate, and audit data governance processes across the business value chain.

The first phase of the project involves analyzing external data, which includes 17 major data sets, over 8 million variables, and over 2.9 billion rows.

According to the Client VP of Business Analytics, Investment Management: “EDC gives my business partners the exposure to the data they need for product development, marketing, research, and sophisticated quantitative analysis. The business users, data stewards, and quants will be able to easily search for related information that was simply not possible before. This is the only way to commercialize the value of our data, expand our markets and market penetration, as well as improve customer experience.”

“Paradigm is eager to drive the implementation efforts and thought leadership necessary for a successful EDC and Axon stand-up. We look forward to the success and value that results from our work with this new Client,” states Craig Rock, President and CEO of Paradigm Technology.

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