SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, Nov. 28, 2018 – Paradigm Technology announced today they were chosen to replace a current global systems integrator to complete a master and reference data implementation, data warehouse consolidation, and Data Science program expansion.

The leader in healthcare malpractice insurance, Paradigm’s new Client offers customized insurance, claims and patient safety and risk solutions for physicians, surgeons, dentists and other healthcare professionals, as well as hospitals, senior care and other healthcare facilities.

Paradigm will drive a data science deployment to help improve operations and efficiency, and ultimately increase trust in the Client’s data. Proposed solutions offer data standardization, via reference and master data management, to ensure data and process integrity, transparency, auditability, and accountability. They will also establish a single, master reference source for data history and enterprise reporting capabilities.

The Client also seeks to deploy an enterprise data lake to better leverage its information assets, improve revenue, reduce costs, reduce risk, and enable more informed, accurate, and timely decisions. Paradigm’s work will provide a 360-degree view of all parties and improve insight opportunities, supporting the Client’s strategic growth initiatives and leading them in technology innovation.

“We’re pleased to hear such great accolades from the client/partner. They appreciate Paradigm’s strong collaboration, organization, transparency and high engagement – their senior leadership is excited to have a true partner on this Enterprise Information journey,” notes Chris Gately, Chief Revenue Officer at Paradigm technology.

About Paradigm Technology
An award-winning end-to-end strategic solutions provider, Paradigm Technology is a leader in Digital Transformation, working for 25 years with the Fortune 500. We enable our clients in: Customer & Vendor Centricity, Data Governance, Real-time Analytics, and Cloud Adoption. Our Data Scientists help make sense of IoT and Big Data to predict and answer the hard questions to grow revenues, reduce costs, and avoid risk. Paradigm’s Business Transformation practice supports this through IT simplification, change management, and robotic automation.