In the Cognitive Business Era business leaders need to be able to quickly determine and request the development of new business capabilities. This means a little bit of experimentation and a lot of collaboration. This also means that the business requires controlled iteration at scale.

When Technology Leaders Lead

DevOps teams need to be able to scale rapidly so that they can help the enterprise test out new markets, ship new products sooner, and create new differentiators among current products via product enhancements.

The ability to scale means that your organization will have the ability to deliver services rapidly and get rapid feedback to help inform adjustments.

Controlled Iteration at Scale

Here’s what controlled iteration at scale means in the Cognitive Business Era:

  • Running services at scale with microsecond response time
  • Seamlessly supporting
    • Billions of web interactions
    • Millions of transactions
    • Yattobytes of data
  • Improving development quality, speed and predictability

Questions to Consider – Controlled Iteration at Scale

  1. How are you ensuring that you can take full advantage of infrastructure investments now and in the future?
  2. What advantages would come from running services at scale with microsecond response time?
  3. How quickly can you currently scale out, scale up, and scale on demand?

Controlled Iteration at Scale – Success Story

HealthPlan Services

We’ve mentioned HPS before, but they’re a great example of controlled iteration at scale. Their membership increased by over 250% with the advent of the Affordable Care Act. They needed to accelerate their business transformation during open enrollment.

Capacity on Demand allowed for production capacity (over five billion transactions per week) to scale within minutes, and then scale down. IBM’s LinuxOne allowed them to “RightSize” and “RightFit” their workloads. That with a combination of hardware advancements combined with the software stack helped them control the unpredictably high impact on their systems during open enrollment.

IBM Solutions Utilized

Your Cognitive Business Journey

Cognitive Business means out-thinking the boundaries of contemporary business. Cognitive business is here and it’s built with cloud computing. IBM is helping to lead this charge with their own cloud services, and with the push to social, mobile, digital, and IoT, cloud is becoming pervasive.

Businesses run on data, and having the ability to scale up and down depending on workload is essential for making the most out of your resources when you need them. To help manage the workload and keep connected with staff and daily services, implementing cloud-based software can be beneficial for businesses and how their data is handled. To learn more about this, websites such as can offer further insight where needed.

Find out how top companies are putting their data to work with scalable cloud solutions or discover how you can start your own Cognitive Business Journey.