Data Management

Customer Master Data Management for California Financial Institution

  • One of the largest banks headquartered in California for 80+ years, managing $9.4B+ in assets

Business Need

  • Grow profitability from $10B to $20B+ within next year
  • 360° customer view across all products and services to deepen relationships and increase wallet share and cross-/up-sell
  • Improve credit decisioning models
  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Leverage new technology for automation, orchestration, and visualization
  • Prepare for new federal regulations as business grows (CCAR)


  • Highly manual processes
  • 30+ disparate data systems
  • No CRM system
  • MDM is small part of overall technology transformation
    • No formal loan origination system
    • Lacking reporting for regulatory controls
  • No enterprise data warehouse
  • High internal turnover since project start

Solution & Results

  • Implemented a master data management solution, delivering a comprehensive view of customer data
    • Operations, risk management, finance and profitability analysis, and regulatory requirements
  • Enhanced account management by 18%
  • Established personalized customer relationship management
  • Enabled SFDC, LoanIQ implementations reducing TTM by 12%
  • 6-month implementation schedule, 6 full-time resources