Did you know moving from an order-taking cost center to a strategic advantage is easier than you think?

The CIO Agenda is Paradigm Technology’s wholistic approach to elevate organizations into strategic levers for the business. Enable effective IT delivery and clarify the value of IT.

IT as a Strategic Lever

The continuous speed of obsolescence and ever-increasing cyber threats force IT departments to enhance, upgrade, or replace most systems every 3-5 years. Paradigm leverages this mandatory spend to fund business-centric technology strategies to move our clients ahead of the curve.

Effective IT Delivery

Effective IT delivery with high reliability requires the right people, process, and technology. Most IT organizations develop gaps in one or more of these areas over time. Paradigm’s team of experts helps close those gaps and improve operational effectiveness.

Value of IT

CIOs are expected to articulate the value IT provides for the cost. Yet, most can only articulate spend as related to previous years or benchmarks. With the right process and methods, IT can speak a language C-level understands and provide levers to accelerate or reduce technology spend that tie directly to business goals.


Paradigm Technology’s strategic services drove success across the following client initiatives.

Technical Debt for Subsidiary of International Banking Group

Established a TLM maturity model, mitigating obsolescence, inventory issues, redundant and unsupported apps.

Regulatory Reporting for Leading Electric & Gas Company

Established data quality framework and governance for gas leak data, reducing manual data management effort by 40% for $1M+ savings.

Project Leadership PMO for Major Financial Institution

Focused financial and human capital to the right projects at the right time, transforming the relationship between business and IT.


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