• 130+ years in business
  • 6,400 employees
  • Serves 2.7M people in 11 of Arizona’s 15 counties

Business Need

Increase collaboration

Update documents in real time – “any device anywhere” – 6,300 accounts

Documentation and content management in single platform

Centralized repository of data

Automation of data retention and information policies

B2B and B2C capability


Must be Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliant – security controls and access

Access 6,000+ sites to determine what can be remediated, removed, or maintained

Obsolescent web applications

Current and future subscription requirements and costs

Organizational change


Solution & Results

Azure AD used to bridge on-prem and cloud authentication

Implemented seamless and conditional sign-on to improve end user efficiency

Introduced formal organizational change management (OCM) process to increase user adoption

Integrated Microsoft 365 services and applications to reduce total cost of ownership

Streamlined end user experience

Real-time collaboration