• 130+ years in business
  • 6,400 employees
  • Serves 2.7M people in 11 of Arizona’s 15 counties

Business Need

Reduce costs and improve security with online/cloud capabilities

Move office productivity tools to cloud-based architecture to reduce on-prem infrastructure

Leverage Office 365 functionality to replace EOL applications in the cloud

Address gaps in security controls and align to new data classifications and tagging policies

Determine roll-out schedule and communication plan for cloud migration (retire of 12 legacy servers)


Small team with budget constraints

End user community critical of IT

Enable Office 2016 ProPlus on the software installation menu for Windows 7 and Windows 10 workstations

Roll out Office 2016 prior to migrating to Exchange 2016

Identify non-performant end user computing devices in support of Office or Exchange 2016

Organizational change management (OCM)


Solution & Results

Delivered office 2016 (on-prem and cloud) to access the Office suite of products to the enterprise

Operational and security requirements met using secure remote access to O365 hosted email via web, meeting CIP compliance

Program alignment included Office suite, Exchange 2016, Exchange Online Migrations, SharePoint, and Windows 10 upgrade workstreams

Provided path forward to digital capabilities and end user experience programs – “Workplace of the Future”