• 130+ years in business
  • 6,400 employees
  • Serves 2.7M people in 11 of Arizona’s 15 counties

Business Need

Massive changes occurring in company leading to a 150%+ increase in project portfolio

Network Integration department is integral to this growth and in need of help

Need highly qualified resources, with oversight from onsite leadership

Better process and work flow needed to ensure project success and efficiency


Turnover of ~50% due to lack of structure in new-hire on-boarding

Discrepancies in communication between PMO, engineering, and networking team around timeframes for executing projects

– Lack of structure and poor project planning leading to significant inefficiencies

– Projects costing more than estimated because of lack of communication around true project completion times

Without a true project pipeline and no prioritization, workflow became extremely unbalanced and too concentrated in Q4


Solution & Results

Delivered a team of Network Integration experts, each with 10-20 years’ experience

– Implemented a predictable cost model reducing cost by 18%

– Achieved 85% annual retention

– Created, documented, and implemented a new-hire on-boarding process reducing on-boarding from a month to a week

Documented and created a CIP (critical infrastructure protection) care plan