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  • 110,000+ employees worldwide
  • Serves 70+ countries
  • 130+ years of innovation

Business Need

Enterprise data governance process automation and orchestration

Institute data management policies and procedures, including data access, data definition, metadata management, master data management, change management, policy management, and process management

Define requisite business, data, governance, and technical assets

Establish effective communications, knowledge management, and training to all stakeholders to adopt the new data governance platform

Integrate the new data governance platform with Informatica


First enterprise data governance/data management across 4 disparate strategic business units (SBU’s)

Faulty data governance product implementation

No integration of data governance product with Informatica

No single source of “truth”


Solution & Results

Assessed and redesigned data governance product metamodel to better match organization operating model

Developed Data Governance “Playbook” and “Runbook”

Conducted end-user training and knowledge transfer for data stewards both onshore and offshore

Customized 8 Paradigm Technology Core Data Governance processes

Implemented 6 data governance processes as workflows in the data governance product

Implemented data governance product/Informatica interface to enable data quality dashboards