Analytics for Fortune 500 Global Electronics & Supply Distributor

Implemented a real-time analytics database engine and business warehouse for a single version of the truth.

API for Rev Rec on AWS at World's Largest Domain Name Registrar

Enabled an API integration solution for revenue recognition process, reducing manual efforts by +50%.

Cloud Integration for Largest Independent Real Estate Brokerage

Integrated online and 3rd party vendor applications to capture real-time data and customer feedback.

Cloud Integration for World's Largest Domain Name Registrar

Connected hybrid technical landscape from legacy to cloud-based applications and enabled cloud ERP for finance, HR, and planning.

Customer Success for Leading Cloud Computing Services Provider

Improved customer data visibility by 80%, saving thousands of manual effort hours and $2M annually.

MDM Enterprise Networking Solution Company

Implemented MDM, providing a single view of the customer across multiple global channels and departments for a global workforce.

P360 for Fortune 500 Global Electronics & Supply Distributor

Eliminated redundancy, improved reporting, and consolidated and standardized product data, improving UX.


Contact Master for Major Financial Institution

Delivered contact master across 40+ systems, saving $2M+ in annual cost and potential $7.8M in productivity improvement.

Contract & Vendor Management for Healthcare Insurance Provider

Provided strategic leadership in measuring vendor progress and SLA actions and simplified contract, lowering annual spend.

Customer Master Data Management for California Financial Institution

Enabled 360-view of customer, deepening relationships and increasing wallet share and cross- and up-sell.

Data Lake Modernization & Automation for Credit Union

Modernized and automated data lake, increasing process and data confidence, improving productivity by 73% and reducing management costs by $1.3M.

Digitizing Largest Malpractice Insurance Company

Reduced several EDW’s to a singular, next-gen EDW for improved operational insight and decision capabilities.

EDC & Axon Implementation at Global Asset Manager

Enabled semantic search and catalogued data for easy access to fund managers, data scientists, and data anlysts.

EDC & Axon Implementation for Largest Auto Lender in the US

Enabled processes to automate and orchestrate data, reducing audit exposure and lowering project costs.

Merger & Acquisition for Major Financial Institution

Staged rationalization and decommission of systems, reduced technical debt, and increased IT modernization.

Modern Data Platform for Niche Retail Banking Company

Enabled self-service analytics through an end-to-end modernized data platform, eliminating reporting backlog queue of 2 years.

Party Master for Major Financial Institution

Created enterprise-wide Party Master, consolidating 66% of records and improving data quality across sources.

Project Leadership PMO for Major Financial Institution

Focused financial and human capital to the right projects at the right time, transforming the relationship between business and IT.

Reporting-as-a-Service for Member-Owned Credit Union

Transitioned business critical reports, increasing reliability in delivery and content and expanding data accuracy.

RPA COE for Healthcare Insurance Provider

Transformed legacy operation into a robotic factory with an integrated client-partner model, enabling streamlined service experience.

Technical Debt for Subsidiary of International Banking Group

Established a TLM maturity model, mitigating obsolescence, inventory issues, redundant and unsupported apps.

Time-to-Market for Product Launch & Refresh at Major Financial Institution

Established single view of product information, reducing time-to-market and operational risk, and improving efficiency.


Analytics for Fortune 100 Global High Tech Manufacturer

Enabled real-time data and metrics to better predict, plan, and execute business strategies.

Data Governance for Fortune 100 Global High Tech Manufacturer

Assessed and redesigned data governance metamodel to enable automation, comunication, and integration.

Integration Admin for Global Leader in Home & Security Solutions

Eliminated ticket backlog, allowing time to focus on enhancements to improve business satisfaction and productivity.

IP Management for Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer

Enabled a consolidated product lifecycle management system to streamline IP management across the enterprise.

MDM for Industrial Coating Company

Enhanced customer and vendor records and reduced onboarding time sync with ERP, and risk.

MDM for Major Wine, Beer, & Spirit Company

Unlocked efficiencies through single platform for product information, eliminating 50% of the manual efforts.

Product Lifecycle Management Automation for Startup Company

Enabled platform to support product development from concept to life and identified supporting tools for development.

Salesforce & Analytics for Multinational Beverage Conglomerate

Augmented Salesforce with geospatial reporting determining accounts with poor sales and relevant marketing for said accounts.

Supply Chain Analytics & Data Quality for Leader in Home & Security Solutions

Enabled decision-making and reduced financial exposure from inaccurate customer data and decreased customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Analytics - Supply Chain 360

Enabled real-time information to improve decision making, reducing friction by 55%, saving $5M.

Value Reporting for Fortune 100 International Snacking Company

Enabled reporting as a service, standardizing organization-wide metrics, increasing accuracy, and enabling decision making.


Application Rationalization for the World's Largest Airline

Reconciled and integrated applications for a single-platform capability across business, operations, and flight data.

Business System Analyst COE for the World's Largest Airline

Center of Excellence team documented and implemented processes across recently merged legacy organizations.

Master Test Plan & Process for the World's Largest Airline

Created a pod system for deploying quality and testing teams

Schedule & Pay Automation for the World's Largest Airline

Enabled accurate and efficient management of flight attendant and pilot work and pay schedules, saving $40M. 

Schedule & Pay Automation Testing for the World's Largest Airline

Improved test speed, quality, and accuracy with an international app sequence and domestic leg enabling $40M savings.


Exchange 2016 & Exchange Cloud Migration for Power/Utility

Managed migration to grow online and digital capabilities and support new functionality and integration for capability on one platform.

Experience Design Study for Power/Utility

Study to improve UX on digital platforms, address critical UX pain points, and establish strong experience design practices.

Network Integration for Power/Utility

Developed onboarding and training program for network integration resources and managed team onboarding and training.

Office 365 Upgrade for Power/Utility

Delivered Office 2016 on-prem and cloud across the enterprise to replace end-of-life applications in the cloud.

PMO Managed Services for Power/Utility

Improved onboarding process and increased resource retention, increasing PMO leadership productivity.

Regulatory Reporting for Leading Electric & Gas Company

Established data quality framework and governance for gas leak data, reducing manual data management effort by 40% for $1M+ savings.

SharePoint for Power/Utility

Enabled real-time documentation and content management, increasing collaboration and automatically retaining data.



Customer Experience Personalization for Global Leader in Lawn Care

Optimized the consumer digital experience through 20M+ record consolidation, establishing a golden record.

Global Customer View for Luxury Jewelry & Specialty Retailer

Improved overall customer experience, leveraging data as an effective tool for targeted marketing saving ~$250K annually.

MDM for World's Largest Voluntary Health Organization

Enabled analytical abilities on data through improved reporting and accurate, enriched, and consolidated data.

Services for Leading Biotechnology Company

Delivered elastic scalability with high performance for analytics and big data to increase time-to-market.


Lens into AI-Driven Self-Service

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